Hello there! Updates!

Hello there!

So I have been doing a lot recently, with graduation fully behind me, now I am working on… working and finding a new job to develop my skills as a social worker, as well as getting engaged and doing all the things that come along with that. I have also been working on new music! So a lot of things have been going on as far as my personal life is concerned.

Although all of the above are great reasons to get this blog up and running again (happy new year btw!), the main reason why I am back is to follow the progress of me and my fiance’s home improvement projects! But yes, I will try to talk about other things too. So this week we will be doing our bathroom. I should have that up soon thereafter with before and after pictures and also the crazy story that I am sure will come along with it.

So that was my quick update, I hope to see this project through successfully and that we do not actually end up killing each other.


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