Bathroom Makeover

As I stated in the previous post, my fiancĂ© and I were planning to put a little lipstick on our bathroom. We were able to accomplish this on a pretty small budget as well but of course we weren’t able to do EVERYTHING we wanted to do, it is still a huge difference though.


Here are some before pictures before the painting and everything commenced.





I regretfully did not get a full-on before shot of the radiator before it was painted but oh well!

This process literally took all day and hundreds (ok well only like two hundred) of dollars, but thank goodness it is possible to find great things at the Home Depot, Target and Walmart for relatively cheap.

Painting was scary for me because it was my first time and I did not want to mess up, but my fiancé helped and guided me through it and told me to just take my time.

The other challenge was the flooring. I kind of expected it not to be perfectly even, but thank The Lord for the pattern we chose because it makes it a little more difficult to see all the cuts and adjustments we had to make.


I didn’t clean it yet so pardon the smudges!

It was a long process considering the size of the room and that we were only doing minor things…putting on a little make up as I like to call it. It was like literally an entire day at work. However through all the paint, sweat and frustration, we got through it and it is beautiful. The only thing we did not (but need to) replace were the vanity/sink and the baseboards but like I said, no big deal. This was only minor procedure.


The (semi) final product! Miss are the towel and toilet paper holders which still haven’t been properly installed yet!




New, awesome shower head.



The radiator cover painted. It was all white before so just use your imagination as to what it originally looked like. The same just white, LOL!


This is the original mirror that came with the house which we thought was actually not bad, old vanity, and towel holder which is NOT screwed in yet so please don’t use it to dry your hands! LOL!



Side by side before and after comparisons! This was a super difficult process but I’m glad we did it. Would I do it again? Bathroom? No. But I cannot wait to get started on the next room. Preferably the closet or office. They seem like they will be the next cheapest.

I hope you enjoyed today’s episode!
Until next time!

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