Case of the ex…

Why is it that it seems like this same mother fucker follows me around whenever I have a serious relationship. I know the community is not that big but still OMG. 

You would think that in a large city such as this one, that one would have the freedom to date and be in a relationship without having to worry about any extra shit…. Well, that’s wrong. It seems like no one I’m ever with can fully be the man that I want them to be because of something this same ho has done to them. I haven’t even met this bitch yet it seems that drama follows them everywhere and they just can’t seem to let niggas be great. 

When I first got with my now fiancĂ©, we were both apprehensive because we both just exited relationships with the devil and the Devils ex. My ex was so screwed up from his last relationship that he didn’t know what the fuck way was up. But the funny thing about it is that he painted this picture that he was the fucking prince in shining armor coming to rescue the beautiful princess (that would be me) from a life of loneliness. What he didn’t prepare me for was the craziness that I would endure for a year after that because the person he was dealing with before me was such a fucking nightmare that his view on relationships was just so fucked up. Like, this bitch must have had him spending all of his bread. He felt like without the money, he was useless. But unlike the bitch he was with before, I had my own. I didn’t need his. He didn’t need to pay for every single fucking date, hotel weekend. Like nigga you were working as a work-study and seasonal at game stop. I was not missing that coin at all. It’s not like you were the head of some Fortune 500. But what the fuck ever. You had a materialistic bitch before me and didn’t know what genuine love was because I loved you when you had bread and I loved you when you were broke. I loved you when you had teeth and…I still loved you when you had to have some teeth pulled. All that outside shit didn’t matter to me because I knew who you were as a person. But this bitch fucked up your perception of a relationship and love so fucking bad that you didn’t see that. 

Now with my fiancĂ©, like I said we were apprehensive about first getting into the relationship. We were just hanging out and talking about our past experiences and that’s when it came to light that this bitch he was with was the same bitch from my ex. That’s when I learned that this ho was notorious for fucking niggas mental up. But what I didn’t understand was what the fuck about this bitch had these niggas minds all fucked up? Clearly, it wasn’t the ass. Because from what I’m told the sex was horrible,… It couldn’t be the look because the bitch looks like the alien off of the fucking Alien vs. Predator. So what the fuck is it?

To this day I don’t know what the fuck it is. But I really wish that I had beat this bitch ass on the G bus that one time I just happened to be on the bus and saw that ho. It is very bothersome to feel like you’ve been with someone for so long but you still living in the shadows of some past irrelevant bitch. But whatever because at the end of the day, I know I’m a bad bitch. I have an education, career and far more success than a minimum wage making crumb like that mother fucker. And when you out here still sucking and fucking wishing someone would love you, I’m in a beautiful , warm, loving home with my MAN, bitch. 

That’s all j have to say for now. I needed to vent and let that out. Please look for some new music soon. I’ve been working….well not so tirelessly on some new material. 

Until next time!

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